Diamond Edge Grind Wheels


  • Our diamond edge grinding wheels are custom designed and manufactured to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.
  • We are known for our high diamond concentration which ensures a long lasting product.
  • Only 100% natural virgin diamond powder is used in all our production.
  • We maximize groove count and can manufacture multiple groove sizes on a single wheel.
  • We offer many diamond mesh sizes for various industries and can manufacture multiple sizes on a single wheel.
  • Nifec manufactures all sizes used in the industry, which include:egsizes
    • 8″ (202mm) O.D.  with 1 to 11 grooves
    • 4″ (100mm) O.D. with 1 to 9 grooves
    • 2″ (50mm) O.D. with 1 groove


Standard Profile:
This is a commonly used profile. It has a full radius R. The groove depth D and bevel angle A are usually 1mm and 20° respectively. Bevel angles of 22° and 18° are also common. Nifec manufactures all different values of R and A that are used in the industry.





Trapezoidal Profile:

This profile has two radii connected by a flat surface. The depth of the groove D is usually 1mm. The angle A can be 11° or 22°. The values of the two radii R and the length of the flat surface F connecting the two radii are custom to customer specifications. Nifec manufactures all values of R, A, F, and D, that are used in the industry.




Epi Profile:

This profile is similar to the standard profile except the groove depth D is equal to 1.5mm and the angle A is equal to 11°. Nifec manufactures all values of R that are used in the industry.